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pre-launch: Convenory

Supporting world-class entrepreneurs in the world's most liveable city.

Convenory is a family of founders, funders and connectors supporting the lifecycle of great ideas and the lifestyle of those who create them.  


Project Details



leadership TEAM:
Dr. Mei Ling Doery — Director, CEO

Andrew Maynard — Architect

Marty McCaig — hospitality manager

Stephen Moulton — legal counsel

Leisha Muraki — director, cOO

Efee Peell — CFO

Create an environment to foster  global talent, ideas and capital.


Our Response


Melbourne enjoys the world’s most enviable lifestyle having been voted The Most Liveable City for seven years in a row. In this environment, world leading institutions in education, scientific research, finance and health have all flourished. However, the local venture capital and startup communities are dispersed, embryonic and don’t reflect the potential the city abundantly offers.

Australian talent and ideas routinely self-export and thrive in Silicon Valley, East London and Israel. Melbourne has not yet concentrated the critical mass of talent, ideas and capital to create a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Convenory proposes to concentrate the best expat, local entrepreneurial talent and ideas around a built environment, nurture it with smart capital, and ignite the unrealized potential in the local ecosystem.

Through a unique combination of provenance, historical narrative and beauty, Convenory becomes an environment in which entrepreneurs are enabled to share their passions and participate in a network exposed to a culture that drives engagement and productivity of individuals and the entire group.


Melbourne, Australia has been voted The Most Liveable City in the World for seven years in a row.


Executive Summary

Convenory is creating a venture campus, private members club, thriving hospitality business, co-working, event space and home to a multi-stage venture fund —a canvas to concentrate talent, ideas and capital.

Iconic Campus

It's inaugural site, called Convenory Terrace, finds a home at the iconic Tasma Terrace a National Trust Building in Melbourne, Victoria. It presents an intoxicating combination of Victorian grandeur and the uber-cool sophistication of Melbourne’s cosmopolitan culture. Convenory Terrace is not another incubator or accelerator, rather it is a built on Australia’s strengths — it’s lifestyle.

members club & globally connected network

Convenory Terrace will establish Australia’s first private members club for the venture ecosystem. Membership by invitation and referral-only, will include the smartest, most creative and most accomplished founders, funders and connectors. While membership will be exclusive, members will be radically diverse and socially inclusive. This will be the most valuable venture network in Australia.

Global Access and Reference Curated Deal Flow

Nothing is more influential than a referral from a trusted friend. Every VC believes the best deals come via referral. Convenory Terrace will serve as a focal point and structural bridge for international investors and entrepreneur networks. Convenory Terrace is explicitly cultivating a prescriptive referral system from leading world-class expat venture investors and entrepreneurs.


Convenory to launch it's first location, Convenory Terrace, at the iconic, heritage listed site Tasma Terrace.



Fostering entrepreneurial culture demands a physical, social and cultural environment to ensure cross-pollination occurs. Our critical path created for Convenory recognizes the key importance of ensuring that their why or reason for existing informs every part of their execution plan. In doing this we seek to be able to scale social impact sustainability. 

In August of 2016, Convenory became the recipient of the first round of funding from LaunchVic, Australia's independent innovation fund for the state of Victoria. Our pitch document, underpinned by a holistic brand and partnership strategy, was recognized as the top submission by the Victorian State Government. To date, Convenory has raised close to $2.4 million in investment and in-kind services rendered.

We continue to assist in the building of stakeholder development through the establishment of a membership council, investor council, faculty team and international ambassadors. Our leadership team has engaged the best and brightest including: 




DR. NICHOLAS GRUEN — Investor and Philanthropist; CEO: Lateral Economics; Chairman: The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

STEVE GLEDDEN — VC (Forward Partners), EIR (SeedCamp), Executive Chair and Angel Investor, raised $90m (UK, AUS)

MARISSA SENZAKI — Head of Talent Acquisition: Weploy, Former Senior Recruiter at Slack

TOPAZ ADIZES — Emmy Award-winning filmmaker; Founder: TheSkinDeep; Edmund hillary Fellow


THE {  } AND

With an aim to provide unprecedented programming for the venture community, Convenory invited supporters to a live experience of THE {  } AND, an interactive performance that explores what connects us. The live experience is an extension of the internationally recognized and Emmy award-winning documentary of the same name. Each event combines real-life social conversation and digital user-experience to give the audience a chance to be both participant and director. 



MARCH 2018