A Venture Design Practice

We are a venture design practice supporting projects with purpose. Our approach crafts holistic design for wholehearted ventures. We believe every element — on and off the balance sheet — is connected to your story and ultimately, your level of success. With ruthless sincerity, we are dedicated to the wellbeing of your business and to those who embark on the journey. 


Our story

Our story began with a small tirade, a scribbled manifesto and a compass. For years, we found ourselves defending the value of design and in early 2017 we chose to respond with RORA. The practice was founded on the belief that in a knowledge led society, the way we interact with information — its creation, distribution, storage, integration and use — demands effective design. Framed in this way, there is no greater value than that of design and it’s ability to significantly impact our economy, policies and culture. 


Our Community

We are advisors, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, researchers, teachers, writers and more. We are in constant motion, aware of the world around us and our relationship to it.

Our Values

First impressions

They are our introductions into everything and often the key to how we perceive the world and are perceived by it. We help initiatives de-risk their first 'Hello,' ensuring conversations continue with purpose and intention.

Real stories

Galvanising. Authentic. Stories are catalysts for empathy — the core of emotional understanding, compassion for unique perspectives and human connection. We empower stories that fuel collaboration and progress. 

adventurous hearts

The spirit that allows us to eagerly reach out further, without fear, but with full vulnerability. We call upon our own experience — the successes and the broken hearts — to guide those that take on new adventures.


When empowering an idea, creativity has no borders or walls. Our team is diverse in backgrounds, experiences, disciplines and location, united by our shared values and our promise toward positive impact.

Open dialogue

Launching new experiences to market rapidly and efficiently demands a unique process. It is one that includes open critiques, opinions, feedback and iterations —the essentials for evolving an idea.

committed teams 

We show up — in mind and body — prepared to commit to the longevity of your initiative, with matched dedication. Our work is complete, not à la carte, attentive to all the parts that make up the whole.

Our Experience



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