A Venture Design Practice

Strategy is not a plan. It is a philosophy — a codified set of core values and behaviors that everyone subscribes to. Too often, teams are given a plan to execute without consideration to the destination or the vessel that will get them there. When agility and iteration are key, we start by defining the North Star — the true reason for existing beyond capital — and help build the rocket that will get you there. 

We work with different organizations, all at different points of progress. Before we begin our process, we determine your phase of development to better understand your needs for success.

a: Pre-launch

Pre-launch partners are the newly emerged, aiming to address a new marketplace need. Whether a startup, non-profit or multinational, pre-launch challenges are the same. Financial and intellectual resources are scarce and time is precious. We give thought to your business purpose, unique experience and value proposition to create a succinct story for you to share.

b: Post-launch

Business trajectory is the main focus. Growing market-share, scaling operations, optimizing profit and capital raising are often the measurements of success in this phase. During post-launch, we audit capital, talent and dialogue to execute alternate pathways for success. Our clients are immersed in development workshops to redirect momentum and ensure continued growth.

C: in-orbit

Clients in this phase are validated ventures, having current and direct market insight. They understand the necessary flight patterns in relation to global competition, including the need to reevaluate their brand to sustain innovation and relevancy. We engage clients and their team in our process for re-launch and unite everyone around a vision securing support for the venture’s next flight and beyond.

D: joint venture

We partner in high potential projects, that are socially minded with significant promise to value creation. We invest by contributing our design experience to structure the highest opportunity for growth, whether achieving product market fit or successfully launching go-to market strategies. For us, joint ventures are moments to take chance and garner reward alongside our partners.


We measure achievement and frame our services by their ability to form relationships. 

GRowth strategy

We use different methods to help you take advantage of unmet needs in the market, including: research, ideation, forecasting and business modeling. Our aim is to drive new growth by identifying consumer pain points and converting them into purposeful business opportunities. 

holistic branding

Holistic branding is informed by strategy and values. We combine consumer needs and market perspectives to deliver a narrative that is approachable, understandable and provokes action. Our team works in unison to execute ideas rapidly, while maintaining excellence. 

embodied experiences

We see technology as a tool, not the destination. We connect people to ideas in ways that are more embodied than online. We strive to reach people literally where they live, work and play, designing experiences that have a greater intellectual and emotional impact on those who participate. 

Our Process

Stage 1: Lifestyle

To support the life of the business, we must acknowledge the lifestyle of those behind it. we begin with a personal why — a guiding light — that informs how you communicate, behave & support your belief and what actions you take.

Stage 2: Context

We follow up by asking the same questions, but reframed and in the context of your business. Why does your company exist, how does your company communicate, support its belief and what is the value in the current market.

Stage 3: 360° Workshop

We employ a 360° workshop designed to rapidly conceptualize and build a strategic suite of core assets for launch. We develop the words, design and strategy in unison — a sort of prototyping to quickly see how the narrative will work in the world. Side by side with copywriters, developers and designers, the non-linear process delivers a tailored package of essentials for take-off.

Stage 4: Accelerate

We accelerate with consideration by addressing gaps from the 360° Workshop. While each venture is unique, we move forward with the same cyclical approach. We measure achievement by the ability to form relationships. As we progress through each step, we are ever mindful of the communities and audiences needing to be built and empowered in order to be successful.

Cyclical Approach

Step 1: Empathy

Empathy is at the heart of concept development and is powered by a thorough understanding of the needs for all relationships.

step 2: Define

To bring clarity and focus, we define the challenge at hand and make sense of information gathered in order to take meaningful action.

Step 3: Identify

We outline new solutions to the challenge, while also looking at alternative ways of viewing the initial pain points. 

Step 4: Prototype

An experimental phase with an aim to identify the best possible solutions for each problem identified during the previous stages. 

STep 5: Pilot

We pilot a single product or design solution for launch with features to satisfy early consumers. Feedback is provided for future development. 

STep 6: Evolve

We design systems underpinned by core values, allowing your venture to perpetually evolve and remain relevant to your audiences.